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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and attractivenessParis_Hilton takes many forms. Some people like fair hair, others prefer brown. Although you may favor a well-defined body, your best friend may fancy one that’s soft and cuddly. Whatever your preference, the truth is that you don’t have to be a dashing movie star or a rock star to be attractive. What most people find appealing is openness and someone who takes an interest in them.
‘But why should I bother?’ you may ask yourself. Because people who are perceived as attractive are also considered to have other positive attributes. Numerous studies show that people think of attractive individuals as likely to be talented, warm and responsive, kind, sensitive, interesting, poised, sociable, and outgoing. And if that’s not enough reason, attractive people are also perceived as more intelligent and happier. Whether this is true or not doesn’t matter. If that’s how you’re perceived, why would you want to argue the point?
Although physique and appearance are contributing factors in determining your attractiveness, a person overlooks a less-than-perfect face or physique if the body language is appealing.

Showing Liveliness in Your Face

Smile and the world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone. A natural, genuine smile, where both the eyes and the mouth are engaged, is appealing. People want to be with someone who makes them feel good. Frowning, pouting, and a generally miserable face are definite turn-offs.
A face that shows liveliness, interest, and enjoyment is like a magnet. It draws people to you and makes them want to be in your company. By smiling you can directly influence how other people feel about you. You can control their reaction to you by the look on your face. By making judicious use of your facial expressions you can guide people into responding positively to you and to perceiving you as an attractive person. This is not to say that you should walk around with an artificial grin plastered to your face; that’s a definite turn off.

Offering Encouragement

By nodding, tilting, and cocking your head in anotherFrowning_Man person’s direction you show that you’re listening and are interested in what he’s/she’s saying. And anyone who shows interest is consistently perceived as attractive.
Nodding encourages the person to continue speaking and shows that you care. Tilting your head to one side also shows that you’re involved and paying attention. Appealing minor head gestures, showing concern, fascination, or involvement in someone’s story, make you seem connected and empathetic. And who doesn’t find those characteristics attractive and appealing?

Using Open Gestures

Open gestures welcome people and invite them to come into your territory. By showing that you are attentive, comfortable, and at ease with people you make yourself appear warm and approachable. And warm and approachable equals attractive.
If your tendency is to cross your arms over your chest or to shove your hands into your pockets, resist the temptation and open your arms, showing the palms of your hands instead. Barrier signals keep people away and make you look cold, distant, and uninviting.Open gestures encourage others to enter your environment and demonstrate that you accept and appreciate who they are.

Showing Interest Through Your Posture

Upright, erect posture is infinitely more appealing than a slumped, unresponsive physique. That’s not to say that you have to be rigid and stiff. On the contrary, you want your body to be flexible and alert to draw people to you and make them comfortable in your presence.
When you’re seated in an informal situation lean backwards and adopt an asymmetrical position. Have a go at resting one arm over the back of the chair. Try other positions. Open, relaxed postures are more inviting and attractive than having both arms squeezed tightly by your sides. They take less effort, too.
If you want to show interest, lean slightly forward using a symmetrical posture. This balanced position shows that you’re focused on the other person and paying attention to him. If you act as if you’re curious about that person and care about him/her, he’s/she’s automatically going to be drawn to you.

Positioning Yourself

Attractive people respect others. They take into account another person’s point of view and show consideration for the other person’s feelings. They seem to have an innate understanding of what makes someone feel good and what causes offense. They know when to be close and personal, and when to back off.
Respecting someone’s personal space is an attractive quality. In a work or social context, when you choose to position yourself next to another person you’re telling him/her that you value him/her and are interested in what he/she has to say. Attractive people don’t purposely embarrass someone else and never intentionally invade someone’s territory. They position themselves close enough without being so close as to cause embarrassment.
If you want to reveal your attractiveness, respect the other person’s space. If you sit or stand near the person you’re engaging with and look at him/her directly, he/she feels confident and comfortable in your company.

Touching to Connect

Attractive people aren’t afraid to make physical contact. They know the powerful effect an appropriate touch can have. Touching can be used to encourage, to express affection or compassion, and to show support.
An attractive person demonstrates respect when touching someone else. Your attractiveness quota rises if you intentionally touch another person in these situations:
>When you’re listening to someone’s problems or concerns, touching the other person indicates that you care and are offering support.
>When you’re persuading someone to your point of view, your touch serves as a bridge connecting the other person to your position.
>When you’re giving information or advice, your touch conveys encouragement and cooperation.
Only touch another person if you have a relationship that permits deliberate physical contact. Touching implies that a bond exists between the people involved. Observe the kind of contact people feel comfortable with before initiating contact. If in doubt about how your touch is going to be received, best not to do it.


Attractive people take pride in their appearance. They know Priyankawhat clothes look good on them and which ones they should give away. You don’t have to spend copious amounts of money to make yourself attractive. Start by being clean and well-groomed. See that your hair is washed and styled to suit you. Are your fingernails clean and trimmed? Do you visit the dentist regularly? Are your clothes and shoes in good repair? How you present yourself reflects how you feel about yourself. If you don’t take the time and effort to present yourself at your best, don’t expect to be seen as an attractive individual.
If in doubt about what colors and shapes suit you best, treat yourself to a session with a personal stylist who can guide you when your friends, family, and your own personal taste take you down the wrong path.
If you’re physically out of shape, do something about it now. Life’s short. Not only are you going to look better, you’re going to feel better as well. You don’t have to join an expensive gym or health club, although if that works for you, do it. You don’t have to invest in lots of fancy kit to do stomach crunches, though a good pair of running shoes is vital if you’re heading off for a jog. What you do need to do is find what works for you, commit to a plan, and stick with it. Fat and flabby isn’t healthy or attractive.

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The Impact of Physical Beauty – Scream “Unfair”!!!

The unattractive are among a handful of groupaltrowps toward whom it remains legitimate to discriminate. Sadly on their behalf, one can find good reasons as to why beauty and success come together.

Envision that you’ve got two applicants for a job. Both are of the same gender – knowing that gender is the one your personal propensities incline to recognize as appealing. Their resumes happen to be every bit as good, plus they both furnish great interviews. You simply can’t help realizing, though, that one particular candidate is down-right unappealing and the other is good-looking. Will you be influenced by their looks?

Probably not. However, inferior, less-moral individuals may very well be. Assuming that visual appeal did not matter, why would men and women don the finest for such interviews – even though the position they might get is dressed down? Plus job interviews tend to be turning-points in life. Assuming that attractiveness influences hiring managers, the gorgeous will, for the most part, have more thriving vocations when compared to the unappealing – even in occupations where beauty is not an essential skill-set.

If an individual is affected as a result of a person’s appearance, nonetheless, would that be inappropriate? In a culture that shuns biasness, favouring an attractive person appears to be about as superficial as you can get. But it has not been normally like this. Not that long ago, people frequently associated beauty with virtue and ugliness with vice.

Even today, the actual phrase “as ugly as sin” has not quite passed from the language. There is, not surprisingly, the similarly popular saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, to negate it. The majority of beholders concur on what is beautiful – and the present day field of biology implies that there exists a justification for that agreement. Biology furthermore signifies that attractiveness may, without a doubt, be a reliable guideline for evaluating someone of either gender. And first impressions, as a rule of thumb, may by no means be foolproof, and definitely not an alternative to an in-depth assessment, but, all the same, instinctive ones.

Symmetry’s Mystery Exposed

A study carried out on scorpion flies led to the discovery that those flies whose wings were the most symmetrical were the ones that performed the best in the mating stakes. And this preference for symmetry turns out to be universal in the animal kingdom. This applies to the human race too. But in humans, it appears that every aspect of physiological proportionateness contributes, down to the measurements of related digits, and that the analysis pertains to those of the same gender too.Symmetry 2

The rationale appears to be that flawless symmetry is challenging for a growing embryo to sustain. The embryo that can maintain it clearly possesses great genetics. It is, consequently, more than merely coincidence that the phrase “beauty and health” slips so effortlessly off the tongue as a solitary expression.

A recent study has revealed yet another relationship, that attractive individuals appear to be smarter as well.
Research was carried out to link participants’ physiological symmetry with their performance on intelligence tests to ascertain general intelligence, spatial awareness as well as language capabilities. And the findings were that the more a test was designed to measure general intelligence, the greater the outcomes were associated with physical symmetry.

And Blondes Are Not Dumb

One other study has collected data from a couple of major regions of the world stating that beauty actually is linked to success – at least, with monetary success. It has also been shown that, if all else is identical, this could be a totally reliable business strategy to employ the more attractive applicant. A number of scientific studies conducted in North America revealed that when all other elements are considered, unattractive individuals earn lower than average salaries, whilst attractive individuals make more than the average.

In some countries, like China, ugliness is penalised more in females, but beauty is more than compensated.

Apparently, the difference also applies within professions. Upon evaluating the careers of members of a certain law faculty in a developed country, it was discovered that those ranked appealing based on graduation photos proceeded to get paid higher incomes than their less attractive peers. Furthermore, legal professionals in private practice tended to be better looking than those working in the civil service. There was also evidence to suggest that beautiful people may bring in more revenue to their employers than the less appealing will.
What these outcomes imply is really a two-fold process, that there is a feedback loop between biology and the social environment that gives to those who have, and takes from those who have not.
That happens because beauty is a real sign for other, fundamental qualities including health, good genetics as well as intelligence. It therefore makes natural sense for individuals to desire attractive friends and lovers, since the first will make good allies, and the second, great partners.

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